Our team is comprised of very experienced wayfinding designers that are able to evaluate the orientation and wayfinding needs of your space and design a wayfinding schedule that effectively solves your navigation needs in a very elegant way.

Cornelius Signage has a team of Project Managers that include industrial engineers, graphic designers, wayfinding specialists, and supply chain engineers. With this broad array of expertise, Cornelius can offer your project management that accommodates all of your complex needs.

Cornelius Signage’s vast nationwide network of experienced installation teams, combined with our exclusive Installation Software Management System, CS Situate, we are able to provide our clients with real time installation information including progress on site and real time photos.

What separates Cornelius Signage from our competition is our ability to engage at various levels of the wayfinding design and implementation process. Our CS Collaborate team can design strategic wayfinding solutions, facilitate the wayfinding design process, as well as provide experienced project management and installation services. With our vast nationwide network of established installers we can support the most difficult installations, and with our exclusive CS Situate software to manage and track your site installation projects, you can realize real time project installation status. We also provide hands on management of your wayfinding project, wayfinding schedules, and project details.