Our CS Creative Studio team are comprised of graphic designers, master craftsmen, industrial designers, and artists that can engage at a granular level with your team and help bring your experiential graphics, signage design, and branding needs from concept to a reality in a very unique way. Submit your inquiry to our team below and a member of our Creative Studio will get back to you right away to discuss your project.

The VEKTR Digital Canvas allows you to use your own images - virtually any digital image or photo - to create highly customized VEKTR glass designs of any size or scale. Click here to take you to the Forms+Surfaces site to start using the tool - VEKTR Digital Canvas

The Zoom Digital Darkroom and Zoom Images make it easier than ever to transform public spaces with stunning high-resolution photography of nature and the world around us. Click here to take you to the Forms+Surfaces site to start using the tool - Zoom Digital Darkroom

The Virtual Quarry is an interactive tool that makes it easy to configure your stone image that is nearly indistinguishable from real stone. Click here to take you to the Forms + Surfaces site to start using the tool - Virtual Quarry

As a division of Forms+Surfaces, we know that our number one attribute that defines who we are is Innovation. This is why we have invested tremendous resources in talent, materials, technology, and design to offer our clients the opportunity to develop their custom project. With CS Innovate you will find all of these resources available to you to help you design and make your concept a reality. Designers have access to Forms+Surfaces high end materials and exclusive graphic design tools, as well as Cornelius’ experienced team of wayfinding, graphic, and industrial designers to design and fabricate beautiful custom landmark and directional signage.